Rail Joiner for 25 mm Rails


Rail Joiner for 25 mm Rails

  • Extend Existing Rail Segments
  • Four Pieces Ensure Straight Alignment


  • Links Two 25 mm Rail Sections End to End
  • 2.5" Length Fits Inside the Rail Channels
  • Four Pieces Included

The XE25J Rail Joiner provides a stable means of attaching two 25 mm rails together end to end. It consists of four braces that are shaped to fit inside an XE25 rail channel. When the 2.5" long braces are installed, the two locking screws on each brace can be secured with a 5/64" (2 mm) balldriver. All four braces should be centered with respect to the seams to prevent the joined rails from flexing along any of the four sides.

The recommended installation procedure is shown in the animation to the left. To maintain a straight edge along both the X and Y axes, Thorlabs recommends that the rails are held against a hard corner while the rail joiner is tightened, as shown in the animation. Please note that the presence of the rail joiner will prevent the use of part of the rail channel.

our accessories for assemblies made of 25 mm rails include corner cubes and brackets, T-Nuts, low-profile channel screws, breadboard mounting accessories, and rail joiners. In addition, we offer optical enclosures, enclosure accessories, and "do-it-yourself" tools like taps, tap guides, and drill guides for home-built XE25-based constructions.


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