Post-Mountable Optical Table Accessories


Post-Mountable Optical Table Accessories

  • Use Post-Mounted ScienceDesk Accessories on Optical Tables or Breadboards
  • Build an Ergonomic Work Environment
  • Mounting Posts Compatible with Ø1.5" Post Accessories


  • Customize Accessories to Suit Application
  • Multiple Shelving Styles Provide Extra Space Above Table Level
  • Articulating Keyboard Arm Declutters Workspace
  • Adjustable LCD Monitor Mount

Thorlabs' TA2 Post Adapter allows our post-mounted ScienceDesk accessories to be mounted on any standard optical table or breadboard. These accessories can be used to build an ergonomic 3D workspace environment. There are several shelving options that allow a user to place their instruments above the working surface. Unlike other, less ergonomic systems that use wrap-around shelving solutions that tend to form a claustrophobic and dim working environment, our accessory system allows the shelves to be added only when they are needed and to be placed only where they are needed. This leads to a more open and comfortable working environment. In addition to shelving, our accessory system includes a monitor mount, keyboard holder, and extra mounting posts. The stainless steel mounting posts for the shelves are an industry standard Ø1.5", which make them compatible with many optomechanical components.


Post Mounting Adapter


The TA2 Post Adapter allows a Ø1.5" ScienceDesk post to be fitted to an optical table or breadboard. With this adapter, post-mounted ScienceDesk accessories such as monitor mounts, keyboard rests, and shelves can compliment nearly any standard breadboard or table, increasing usable workspace.

The adapter features elongated slots and is supplied with a replacement post stud, together with M6 and 1/4"-20 bolts to fit to either metric or imperial work surfaces. Two adapters are necessary to attach the two posts required for fitting an overhead shelf unit. The adapter is fitted to the ScienceDesk posts via an M16 counterbore.


Mountable Overhead Shelves


  • Strong, Melamine-Faced MDF Construction
  • 900 mm and 1200 mm Wide Versions
  • 300 mm (11.8") Shelf Depth
  • Max Load: 50 kg (110 lbs)

The PSY211 and PSY212 Overhead Shelves span the width of the ScienceDesk and are supported by two 750 mm (29.5") high posts (included). In conjunction with the TA2 Post Adapter, these mountable overhead shelves can be mounted to standard optical tables or breadboards. The shelf slides along the posts to set the height above the working surface. As seen in the image to the right, two shelves can be mounted on a single set of supporting posts. To purchase an additional shelf (support posts not included), select a PSY201/S or PSY202/S shelf unit to go with the PSY211 or PSY212 unit, respectively.


Mountable Instrument Shelf

* Strong, Melamine-Faced MDF Construction
* 300 mm x 278 mm (11.8" x 10.9") Shelf Size
* Max Load: 20 kg (44 lbs)
* PSY191 Includes 750 mm (29.5") Post
* PSY191/S can be Fitted Without Removing Post

The post of the PSY191 single shelf assembly mounts to any standard optical table or breadboard when used with the TA2 Post Adapter. The shelf unit is 300 mm x 278 mm (11.8" x 10.9"). If more shelf space is required, the PSY191/S additional shelf can be mounted to the same post. The split-clamp design allows the shelf to be fitted anywhere on the post without removing the existing shelf.


Monitor Mounts


  • Compatible with 75 mm x 75 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm VESA Patterns
  • 10 kg Load Capacity
  • Mounts to a Ø1.5" Post (Not Included)

The PSY121 flat screen support bracket is compatible with 75 mm x 75 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm VESA mounting patterns. These mounting patterns are typically used on small to medium LCD displays. It has articulated arms which allow more flexible positioning. Load capacity is 10 kg (22 lb).

A Ø1.5" post must be used with these mounts and is not included. An acceptable post is our PSY161 (below) or our Ø1.5" mounting posts (provided the post is long enough to accomidate monitor size). Using the PSY161 post and TA2 post adapter, these monitor mounts may be directly mounted to any standard optical table or breadboard.


Mountable Keyboard Holder

* Articulating Arm Keyboard and Mouse Holder
* Includes Wrist Rest
* Attaches to Standard Optical Tables or Breadboards (with TA2 Adapter)

The frame-mounted Keyboard Holder is suitable for most keyboards and mouse pads. It fixes to any standard optical table or bread board via the TA2 post adapter and provides 360° horizontal positioning and vertical adjustment.


Mountable Post

* 750 mm (29.5") Usable Length
* Ideal for Monitor Mount or P-Post Accessories
* M16 Bolt Attaches to TA2 Post Adapter for Optical Table or Breadboard Mounting

The PSY161 Ø1.5” Post may be mounted to any standard optical table or breadboard through the employment of a TA2 post adapter (not included).



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