Vibration Isolation Accessories


Vibration Isolation Accessories

  • Air Filter/Regulator Removes Moisture & Particles Down to 5µm
  • Air Compressors with 2 Power Supply Options
  • Foot Pump for Passive Isolation Systems

Air Compressor (PTA512, PTA513 and PTA514)
These air compressors create up to 8 Bar (116 psi) of air pressure and are self contained, lightweight, quiet, and compact. They are shipped with a bottle of compressor oil (PTA1006).

* Delivery Pressure up to 8 Bar (116 PSI)
* Air Tank Size 4 Liters
* Two Voltage Options: 220 V @ 50 Hz or 115 V @ 60 Hz
* Integral Pressure Regulator and Filter
* Low Noise Operation: 40 dB at 1 m

The PTA512, PTA513, and PTA514 are high-performance air compressors designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply. They are self contained, lightweight, and compact, with minimal vibrations due to the very low noise emitted (40 dB at 1 m) from the compressor. The oil-lubricated pump unit is fitted with piston rings, thereby eliminating oil carryover to the air supply. These compressors deliver 50% more air than other silent compressors.

They accept standard 6 mm outer diameter tubing, include an air regulator, filter, receiver tank with pressure gauge, safety valve, drain, and line pressure gauge. They are shipped with a power cord for the appropriate territory, together with a bottle of compressor oil (PTA1006).


Air Filter/Regulator (PTA013)
The PTA013 filter removes potenitally damaging contaminants from the compressed air used in vibration isolation systems. The unit also regulates the pressure in the air line.

* Removes Moisture and Particles Down To 5µm
* Compatible with SuperDamp Active Isolators

Water and particles commonly found in compressed air can be damaging to a vibration isolation system. This compact filter/regulator is recommended for use with all Thorlabs SuperDamp isolators. It regulates the air pressure supplied to the isolators while removing moisture and particles down to 5µm. The fittings are compatible with the 6mm diameter plastic tubing supplied with the SuperDamp isolators. Each filter/regulator is shipped with a wall mounting bracket and two 1/4" to 6mm outer diameter tubing adapters.


Foot Pump (PTA127)
The PTA127 is a manual foot pump that can be used to pressurize passive vibration isolation systems where a constant supply of air is not necessary.

* 2m Hose for Use with Passive Isolation Products
* Connects to a Standard Schrader Valve
* Integrated Pressure Gauge

The PTA127 is a manual foot pump that can be used to pressurize passive vibration isolation systems where a constant supply of air is not necessary. The foot pump comes with a Schrader-type connector, pressure gauge, and 2 m of hose to allow convenient positioning of the foot pump.


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