Rigid, Non-Isolating Supports


Rigid Optical Table Supports

  • Rigid, Non-Isolating Supports
  • Height Adjustment: +0.6", -0.16" (+15 mm, -4 mm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity (Full Set): 5500IBS (2500kg)
  • Heights: 23.6" and 27.5" (600 mm and 700 mm)


  • Rigid, Non-Isolating Supports
  • High-Load Capacity with Excellent Stability
  • Compatible with All Thorlabs' Nexus™ Optical Tables
  • Height Adjustment for Leveling Purposes
  • Rubber Pads at Load Bearing Points
  • 600 mm and 700 mm (23.6" and 27.5") Heights for 210 mm and 310 mm (8.3" and 12.2") Thick Optical Tables

Thorlabs rigid, non-isolating optical table supports can be used with all of our optical tables, and are ideal for vibration insensitive photonics experiments like general spectroscopy and multimode fiber coupling. Rigid optical table supports are strong enough to support an optical table under heavy load. These large diameter, free standing non-isolating supports are designed to support tabletops without cumbersome tie bars. Each support has three adjustment screws to level or adjust the table height over a 0.85" (21mm) range using an open-ended wrench. Three rubber pads are glued at the load bearing points to provide cusioning. More information about the function and construction of the optical table supports can be found under the Design tab or in the chapters on Theory of Vibration Isolation and Optical Table Support Design.

Tabletop Height
To accompany our two optical table thicknesses, 210 mm and 310 mm (8.3" and 12.2"), our optical table supports are available with heights of 600 mm and 700 mm (23.6" or 27.5") to produce a working height of 910 mm (35.8"). All our optical tables are clearly marked on the underside to show the ideal position of each isolator, and full installation instructions are included. A set of four isolators is capable of supporting loads up to 5500 lb (2500 kg) and is sufficient for use with tables up to 10' (3 m) in length. More than four isolators will be necessary for higher loads, longer tables, or custom-designed joined systems.


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