Supports with Passive Isolators


Passive Isolation Systems

  • Closed Pneumatic Isolation System
  • Standard and Heavy Duty Models
  • Inflate via a Simple Foot Pump
  • Height: 23.6" and 27.5" (600 mm and 700 mm)


  • Passive Vertical Vibration Isolating Supports
  • Oil-Free Design
  • High-Load Capacity with Excellent Stability
  • Compatible with All Thorlabs' Nexus™ Optical Tables
  • Closed Pneumatic Isolation System
  • 600 mm and 700 mm (23.6" and 27.5") Heights for 210 mm and 310 mm (8.3" and 12.2") Thick Optical Tables

Thorlabs' passive vibration isolation optical table supports can be used with all of our optical tables, and are ideal for general imaging and micropositioning-based experiments. They have a closed pneumatic isolation system that effectively isolates the optical table from floor vibrations throughout the 10 to 50 Hz frequency range. Most sources of vibrations in a lab are within this frequency range, thus these supports are suitable for use in many labs (see the Optical Tables Tutorial chapter on Sources of Vibration).

These isolators provide simple and effective passive vibration isolation with excellent vertical and horizontal stability. The closed pneumatic isolation system can be inflated with a foot pump or some other source of compressed air and does not require a constant source of compressed air to maintain isolation. If the pneumatic isolation system is depressurized the optical table will remain securely supported on the frame of the optical table supports. Alternatively, if the air chamber is overinflated, vertical stops will prevent the optical table from rising above the maximum designed range. If the table is at either end of the range of motion, the optical table supports will no longer isolate the optical table from floor vibrations. More information about the function and construction of the optical table supports can be found under the Design tab or in the chapters on Theory of Vibration Isolation and Optical Table Support Design.

Tabletop Height
To accompany our two optical table thicknesses, 210 mm and 310 mm (8.3" and 12.2"), our isolation systems are available at heights of both 600 mm and 700 mm (23.6" and 27.5") to produce a working height of 35.8" (910 mm). For each height, Thorlabs also offers two versions of passive isolator: Heavy Duty, with a maximum load of 4850 lb (2200 kg) and Standard, with a maximum load of 2425 lb (1100 kg). In each case, a set of four isolators is suitable for tables up to 10' (3 m) in length. All our optical tables are clearly marked on the underside to show the ideal position of each isolator and full installation instructions are included. For higher loads, longer tables, or custom=designed joined systems, more than four isolators will be needed. Please contact tech support to discuss your specific requirements.


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