Optical Table and Leg Kits


Optical Table and Active Isolator Leg Bundles

  • 210 mm (8.3") or 310 mm (12.2") Thick Nexus™ Optical Table
  • Four Self-Leveling Active Isolation Table Legs
  • Optional Sealed Mounting Holes


  • Bundle Includes Nexus Optical Table and Active Isolator Table Legs
  • Table Sizes from 4' x 6' (1.2 m x 2 m) to 4.8' x 10' (1.5 m x 3 m) Available
  • 600 mm (23.6") or 700 mm (27.5") Tall Legs for a Standard 910 mm (35.8") Tabletop Height
  • Every Table Individually Optimized, Tested, and Shipped with Test Data Certificate
  • 1/2" (12.5 mm) Hole Border for Maximum Usable Area
  • Optional Sealed Mounting Holes

Thorlabs' Nexus™ optical table kits feature our Nexus optical tabletops and our active isolation table legs. Kits are available with table sizes from 4' x 6' (1.2 m x 2 m) to 4.8' x 10' (1.5 m x 3 m) and table thicknesses of 210 mm (8.3") or 310 mm (12.2"). They are paired with 600 mm (23.6") or 700 mm (27.5") tall legs for a standard 910 mm (35.8") tabletop height.

Nexus tabletops feature all-steel construction, excellent thermal stability, and broadband damping optimized for each table size. The 5 mm thick stainless steel top and bottom skins have a precision-machined matte finish with surface flatness of ±0.1 mm over any 1 m2 area. The table has 1/4"-20 (M6) mounting holes on 1" (25 mm) centers with a 0.5" (12.5 mm) border at the edge of the table. Optional sealed mounting holes are available.

Support Legs
Thorlabs' active vibration isolation optical table supports contain an isolation system that effectively isolates the optical table from vertical and horizontal vibrations throughout the critical 3 to 50 Hz frequency range since most common large-amplitude sources of vibrations found in laboratories vibrate within this range of frequencies. The vertical vibrations are isolated from the optical table by a dual-chamber pneumatic isolation system that requires a constant source of compressed air, such as an air compressor (sold separately). If the source of compressed air is removed, the optical table will lower until it securely rests on the large-diameter cylindrical optical table supports, albeit the table will no longer be isolated from floor vibrations. For all table kits sold on this page, kits ending with HK and CK are paired with our PTS603 700 mm (27.5") tall legs, and kits ending with WK and QK are sold with our PTS602 600 mm (23.6") tall legs.


Our Mission is to accelerate the advancement of optical technology for precision measurements and their applications from the table tops of research laboratories to standard use in communication and high technology industries. Our aim is to serve our customers. Our hope is to create a place for highly skilled people in an open environment

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