Linear: Long Travel Large Area Platform


Large Area Translation Stage

  • Hand Operated Translation
  • Fine Adjustment Using Hex Key Socket
  • Motion Lock
  • 0.5" (12.7 mm) Deck Height
  • Two Sizes Available


   * Hand Operated Translation
   * Fine Adjustment Using 2 mm Hex Key Socket via Rack and Pinion
   * Two Imperial and Two Metric Sizes Available
   * 0.5" (12.7 mm) Deck Height Matches Standard Breadboards
   * Position Locking via 2 mm Set Screw
   * Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

This Large Area Translation Stage is available in two imperial sizes, 6" x 7.66" (TBB0606) and 12" x 13.66" (TBB1212), and two metric sizes, 150 mm x 191.7 mm (TBB1515/M) and 300 mm x 341.4 mm (TBB3030/M). It has been designed for use in applications requiring adjustable positioning of a complete experiment. The TBB0606 (TBB1515/M) provides 2.4" (60 mm) of travel, whereas the TBB1212 (TBB3030/M) provides 4.8" (120 mm) of travel. Coarse positioning is achieved simply by pushing the moving platform. Fine positioning over the full range of travel is achieved by adjustment of the rack and pinion using a 2 mm hex key. Motion can be locked by tightening the locking screw with a 2 mm hex key.

The working height of all the stages is 0.5" (12.7 mm), which is the same as our standard MB series breadboards. They are through-drilled with 1/4"-20 (M6) threaded holes in the standard 1" (25 mm) offset hole pattern. The finish is a black, low reflective anodized coating.


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