Mini Series Optical Breadboards


Mini-Series Optical Breadboards

  • Designed for Min-Series Hardware
  • 12"(300mm) by 12"(300mm) x 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • 4-40 (M3) Tapped Holes on 1/2" (12.5mm) Centers

Our miniature breadboard features 4-40 (M3) tapped holes on 1/2" (12.5 mm) centers, thereby significantly increasing the number of optical elements that can be assembled within a limited space. The locations of the four counterbored through holes have been positioned such that each hole is located at 1" x 1" from the edge on the imperial optical breadboard and 25 mm x 25 mm from the edge of the metric optical breadboard, making these optical breadboards mountable to any of our standard breadboards.


Our Mission is to accelerate the advancement of optical technology for precision measurements and their applications from the table tops of research laboratories to standard use in communication and high technology industries. Our aim is to serve our customers. Our hope is to create a place for highly skilled people in an open environment

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