Rotating Optical Breadboard


Large-Area Rotation Stage

  • Removable Center Allows Rotation Around Components
  • Simple Hand-Operated Positioning


    * 360° Continuous, Hand-Operated Rotation
    * Choice of 3 Sizes: Ø6" (Ø150 mm), Ø12" (Ø300 mm) or Ø18" (Ø450 mm)
    * Standard 1/4"-20 (1" Pitch) or M6 (25 mm Pitch) Hole Patterns
    * Standard Breadboard Deck Height: 0.5" (12.7 mm)
    * Position Locking Mechanism
    * Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

These Large Area Rotating Breadboards are available in a choice of three sizes with standard 1/4"-20 (1" pitch) or M6 x 1.0 (25 mm pitch) hole patterns: Ø6" (Ø150 mm), Ø12" (Ø300 mm), or Ø18" (Ø450 mm). The working height is 0.5" (12.7 mm), which is the same as that provided by our standard MB series breadboards. They have been designed for use in applications requiring coarse angular adjustment of optical assemblies. The Ø91 mm (Ø3.58") center section of the rotating breadboard can be removed, allowing components to be placed in that location and the board to be rotated around them (see photo to the right). A laser-etched scale around the edge of the rotating surface has 1° graduations. Positioning is achieved by simply rotating the platform by hand.

The breadboard features a dovetailed edge and three lockable kinematic mounts, that can be positioned anywhere around the perimeter. The mounts also incorporate slotted holes that together with their adjustable positioning, allow flexibility when the breadboard is secured to an optical table or other work surface. The image above shows a prism spectroscope built using the RBB12A; for more information on this application, please see the Application Idea tab.

The Ø91 mm (Ø3.58") middle section of the breadboard can be replaced with an adapter (RBBA1(/M), available separately) that features an SM1-threaded (1.035"-40) central aperture. By mounting the rotation stage on posts, this adapter allows light to be directed upwards from a mirror mounted underneath the breadboard surface. Optics can then be mounted on the insert for use in a variety of applications. The image right shows the RBB12A rotation stage with the RBBA1 adapter fitted. A laser beam is directed onto a mirror mounted underneath the rotating breadboard. The mirror deflects the beam through the aperture in the RBBA1 adapter and onto a second mirror that directs the beam onto a detector.


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