SM05-Compatible Kinematic Mounts


SM05-Compatible Kinematic Mounts

  • 0.535"-40 Threading
  • Mount SM05 Lens Tubes
  • Mount Ø1/2" (Ø12.7mm) Optics


  • Fine Adjustment Actuators for Precise Positioning
  • SM05 Threaded Kinematic and Gimbal Mounts Available
  • Mount Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Optics in SM05RR Retaining Rings
  • Integrate SM Threaded Components; such as Lens Tubes, Irises and Adapters

These SM05 (0.535"-40) threaded mounts allow a variety of optical components to be integrated into optomechanical setups. These mounts are post mountable via an #8-32 (M4) tapped hole. All of these kinematic and gimbal mounts allow for versatility and flexibility in optomechanical constructions due to compatibility with SM05 Threaded lens tubes, irises and adapters.

Kinematic Mounts offer pitch and yaw movement and precise angular adjustment. Gimbal mounts offer rotational movement without angular or postional crosstalk. Both the KC05-T and the KCB05 mounts are not only SM05 Series compatible, but also 16 mm cage system compatible.


Kinematic Mount for Thin Ø1/2" Optics

* Ø1/2" Optics Held with Retaining Ring
* Mounts Thin Ø1/2" Optics up to 0.15" (4 mm) Thick
* Angular Range: ±4°
* 3/16"-100 TPI Precision Adjusters
* Resolution: 13 mrad per rev
* Ø1/2" Lens Tube Compatible via SM05 Threading

The KM05T and KM05T/M mirror mounts use a retaining ring for stress-free mounting of a thin optical component. The optic is secured in a hole with SM05 (0.535"-20) threading. The maximum thickness of a mirror mounted in a KM05T is 0.15" (4 mm). The KM05T is post-mountable via the #8-32 threaded mounting hole. The KM05T/M has two M4 x 0.7 mounting holes to allow for left- or right-handed operation.


SM05-Threaded Kinematic Cage Mount

* Provides ±2.5° Tip and Tilt Adjustment
* Accepts Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Optics, up to 0.15" (3.8 mm) Thick
* Compatible with 16 mm Cage Systems and SM05 (0.535"-40) Threaded Lens Tubes

The KC05-T is a kinematic mirror mount designed for our 16 mm cage systems. Four SR series cage rods can be passed through the mount and locked into place using setscrews. Each kinematic mount features three 3/16"-100 fine adjustment screws, which have a 5/64" hex socket for adjustment. One 5/64" hex key is included with each mount. The KC05-T mount can hold optics up to 0.15" (3.8 mm) thick. The KC05-T includes two SM05RR retaining rings to secure optics within the mount.


SM05-Threaded Right-Angle Kinematic Cage Mount

* Provides ±4° Tip and Tilt Adjustment From 90° Orientation
* Accepts Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Optics
* Compatible with 16 mm Cage Systems and SM05 (0.535"-40) Threaded Lens Tubes
* Post Mountable via #4-40 (M3) Holes

The KCB05 Right-Angle Kinematic Cage Mount provides kinematic tip-and-tilt adjustment of an optic held in a mounting plate with a mean horizontal position at a 45° angle. Entrance and exit ports are equipped with an SM05 (0.535"-40) center-tapped hole and four #4-40 tapped holes center-to-center spaced to mate with our standard 16 mm cage systems.

The kinematic tip-and-tilt adjustment plate is actuated with 100 threads per inch adjustment screws for smooth, highly sensitive movement. They can be adjusted using the permanently fastened knob or may be rotated with a 1.5 mm hex key (included with the mount). The adjustment plate can directly accept Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) optics via its rear-loading bore, a feature that does not limit optic thickness capacity. The plate is double-bored for two lines of stable contact with the mating optic. The optic is held in place with a nylon-tipped setscrew.


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