Ø1" Lens Tubes


Ø1" Lens Tubes

  • Accepts Ø1" (25 mm) Optics
  • Designed for Use with Our 30mm Cage Systems
  • SM1 Thread Standard Used Throughout Thorlabs Product Line


  • Easily Construct Multi-Element Optical Systems
  • Wide Range of SM1-Compatible Optomechanical Components Available
  • Compatible with Our 30 mm Cage Systems
  • Directly Accepts Ø1" (25.4 mm) Optics

Lens tubes are ideal for creating compact optical subassemblies. The Ø1" lens tubes sold here can be used to house one or several optical elements. Optics are separated and secured by retaining rings that are positioned at the desired depth within the lens tube using a spanner wrench. Depending on the item purchased, one or two retaining rings will be included (see below for details). Additional retaining rings can be purchased separately. In addition to the Ø1" lens tubes featured on this page, Thorlabs also offers Ø1/2", Ø30 mm, Ø2", and Ø3" versions, each of which is equipped with an SM series thread standard that depends on the tube diameter.



Ø1" Stackable Lens Tubes


  • Stackable Design Enables Multi-Element Optical Systems
  • SM1-Threaded (1.035"-40) Bore Accepts Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Optics
  • Directly Compatible with Our 30 mm Cage Systems

These stackable Ø1" lens tubes provide a fast and easy means for building compact optical assemblies. Their stackable design and direct interfacing with any SM1-threaded (1.035"-40) components provide flexibility for complex optomechanical assemblies. One SM1RR retaining ring is included with each lens tube.

Item #L1L2Thread Depth
SM1L03 0.45" 0.12" 0.3"
SM1L05 0.65" 0.12" 0.5"
SM1L10 1.15" 0.12" 1.0"
SM1L20 2.15" 0.12" 2.0"
SM1L30 3.15" 0.12" 3.0"
SM1L40 4.15" 0.12" 4.0"


 Ø1" Lens Tubes Without External Threads


  • Unlike Stackable Lens Tubes, Optics can be Accessed from Both Ends
  • SM1-Threaded (1.035"-40) Bore Accepts Ø1" (25 mm) Optics
  • Use Lens Tube Couplers to Stack Multiple Lens Tubes
  • Allows Coupling of Two Externally SM1-Threaded Components

Unlike our Ø1" stackable lens tubes featured above, these internally threaded lens tubes do not feature a lip at one end nor do they have external SM1 threading. Therefore, optics housed inside can be accessed from both ends. To join these lens tubes end-to-end, use an SM1T2 Lens Tube Coupler. Two SM1RR retaining rings are included with each lens tube.


 Ø1" Lens Tube Spacers Without Internal Threads


  • Use as Spacers Between Lens Tubes
  • External SM1 Threading on Each End
  • 1", 2", and 3" Lengths Available

These Lens Tube Spacers are designed to connect two components with internal SM1 threads at a fixed distance. They are unthreaded and have a clear aperture of Ø0.95".

Please note that due to the fixed thread depth, the orientation of the attached components will be arbitrary. For full control over the component orientation, Thorlabs offers the SM1T2 externally threaded coupler with adjustable locking rings.


Ø1" Slotted Lens Tube

* Easy Access to Optics
* Rotatable Slip Shield Protects Optics
* Compatible with SM1-Threaded Components
This stackable Ø1" lens tube with side slots provides a fast and easy means for building complex optical assemblies and adjusting the optics without disassembling the setup. Several optics can be inserted into a single tube using multiple SM1RR retaining rings. Simply thread the first retaining ring to the desired depth, add the optic, and then use a second retaining ring to secure the optic. Optics can be manually adjusted via the side slots without the use of a spanner wrench. The rotatable slip shield included with the lens tube fits over the lens tube slots to prevent unwanted light from entering the system and to keep the optical setup free from debris. Two retaining rings and one black plastic dust cover are included with each lens tube.


SM1 Extension Tubes

The SM1E60 6" Long Extension Tube is designed to enable longer distances between optical components in lens tube systems that utilize lenses with large focal lengths. These tubes feature thicker walls than our standard lens tubes, which leads to greater rigidity. In addition, the ends of these extension tubes are threaded to accept our SM1 series stackable lens tubes.


Ø1" Retaining Rings and Spanner Wrenches


  • SM1RR Retaining Rings Secure Ø1" Optics
  • SM1LTRR Retaining Rings Provide Stress-Free, Light-Tight Mounting of Ø1" Components
  • SM1PRR Plastic Retaining Rings are Stronger than Other Retaining Rings Due to Increased Thickness
  • Spanner Wrenches Provide One-Handed Adjustment of Retaining Rings
  • SPW801 Adjustable Spanner Wrench can Accommodate Diameters from 0.15" (3.8 mm) to 3.0" (75 mm)

Thorlabs offers three different kinds of SM1 retaining rings. The SM1RR is our standard retaining ring that ships with our Ø1" lens tubes as well as many other Thorlabs components. If desirable, the SM1RR can be swapped out for am SM1LTRR or an SM1PRR. The SM1LTRR is a stressless retaining ring that is equipped with a Buna-N O-ring to provide a light-tight seal around the optical component while the SM1PRR is a plastic retaining ring that provides increased strength due to its increased thickness [0.11" (2.8 mm) compared to 0.08" (2 mm) for our other Ø1" retaining rings]. Please keep in mind that due to the increased thickness of the SM1PRR retaining ring, the maximum optic thickness that can be housed inside our standard SM1-compatible mounts will be diminished in some cases. Thorlabs also offers two spanner wrench choices: the 1" long SP606 and the 3.87" long SPW602, which can be used with the SM1RR and SM1LTRR retaining rings, and the SPW801, which can be used with all three types of SM1 retaining rings.


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