Polarizing Prism Mounts


Polarizing Prism Mounts

  • Full Clear Aperture on All 4 Ports
  • Rotating Cover Blocks Unwanted Beams
  • Directly Mounts to SM1 &SM05 Series Lens Tubes



  • Full Clear Aperture on All Four Ports
  • Rotating Cover Blocks Unwanted Beams
  • Prisms Sold Separately

These Prism Mounts are designed to accommodate our Glan Laser, Glan Taylor, and Rutile Polarizing Prisms. To place the prism in the mount, unscrew the rotating cover and secure the prism in place by tightening the setscrew on the side. The rotating cover also allows the user to block the two side ports when they are not required.

The SM1PM10 and SM1PM15 housings feature external SM1(1.035"-40) threading, while the SM05PM5 housing features external SM05 (0.535"-40) threading. These threadings make the prism mounts directly compatible with our manual, motorized, high precision, or cage system rotation mounts.

The PRM05GL5 and PRM1GL10 are bundled packages that include either our SM05PM5 or SM1PM10 prism mount and a 1/2" (PRM05) or 1" (PRM1) High Precision Rotation Mount, respectively.


Item #SM05PM5
Compatible Polarizer GL5 (-x)
GLB5 (-x)
GT5 (-x)
GL10 (-x)
GLB10 (-x)
GT10 (-x)
GL15 (-x)
GT15 (-x)
Threading External SM05
External SM1




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