SM1-Compatible Translation Mounts


SM1-Compatible Translation Mounts

  • Mounts Ø1" Optics and Lens Tubes
  • Internal SM1 Threading (1.035"-40)

This page is a compilation of all of the SM1-threaded (1.035"-40) translation mounts sold by Thorlabs in order to allow for the quick selection of a translation mount if SM1 threading is a primary requirement. Thorlabs also has similar compilations of SM-threaded translation mounts for Ø1/2" (12.7 mm) and Ø2" (50 mm) optics. If SM threading is not a primary requirement for the translation mount, consider using the manual or motorized translation mount navigation menus.


Post-Mountable XY Translation Mount for Ø1" Optics


  • High-Resolution Adjusters Provide 250 µm/rev for Micron Sensitivity
  • Designed to Center Ø1" Optics in a Beam Path
  • Internal SM1 (1.035"-40) Threading for Compatibility with Our Extensive Line of SM1 Lens Tubes
  • Wobble:
  • 8-32 (M4) Tapped Hole for Post Mounting


The LM1XY(/M) translation mount utilizes M3-0.25 fine adjustment screws to provide ±1mm of travel perpendicular to the optical axis. The adjustment screws provide 250 µm/rev and feature a 5/64 hex for fine adjustments. This translation mount is internally SM1-threaded (1.035"-40) for use with our line of SM1-threaded components. The LM1XY holds Ø1" optics, up to 0.32" (8.0 mm) thick, against the back lip of the mount, using the provided SM1RR retaining ring.


30 mm Cage XY Translator for Ø1" Optics


  • Accepts Ø1.00" (Ø25.4 mm) Optics up to 0.39" (10.0 mm) thick
  • ±1 mm Travel in X and Y via 3/16"-100 Adjusters
  • Compatible with 30 mm Cage Systems
  • SM1 (1.035"-40) Threading for Compatibility with Our Extensive Line of SM1 Lens Tubes


The CXY1 XY Translator provides ±1 mm of travel perpendicular to the optical axis of a 30 mm cage system. This translation is actuated by two 3/16"-100 lockable adjusters. The movable carriage is internally SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded and directly accepts Ø1" optics up to 0.39" (10.0 mm) thick when secured using the included SM1RR retaining ring. The fixed back side is also threaded to allow SM1 lens tubes to be attached. The center carriage has been designed to offer pure X and Y translation. The mount features engraved vertical and horizontal tick marks to help maintain alignment of the mounting carriage.


The translation mount also features four through holes for use with our ER cage rods. Each cage rod is secured with one side-located 4-40 locking setscrew using a 0.05" hex key.

Item #TravelDriveOptics MountingER Cage Rod Connection
CXY1 ±1 mm 100 Threads per Inch (TPI) Adjusters SM1 (1.535"-40) Thread Through Holes with Side-Located Locking Screws



6 mm Travel XY Translation Mounts


  • Accepts Ø1.00" (Ø25.4 mm) Optics
  • Compact Design, ±0.12" (±3.0 mm) Travel
  • Compatible with Our Ø1" SM1 Lens Tubes
  • 4-40 Taps on Front and Back Provide 30 mm Cage Compatibility


The ST1XY translation mounts offer ±3 mm (±0.12") of travel provided by one of three drive types: adjuster screw, micrometer, or differential drive. They utilize hardened tool steel components on all moving parts to ensure long-term, drift-free operation. The ST1XY is designed to connect with our extensive line of Ø1" SM1 Lens Tubes as well as our 30 mm cage assemblies to offer great flexibility when building optical systems.

Three 8-32 (M4) tapped holes are provided on the bottom surface to allow direct mounting on our Ø1/2" Posts. Each mount comes with one SM1RR retaining ring.

Item #TravelDrive
Drive MechanismOptics MountingPost MountingER Cage Rod
ST1XY-A(/M) ±0.12"
(±3.0 mm)
100 TPI 0.01" (0.25 mm) per Revolution and 100 Threads per Inch Adjusters
(Locking Set Screw on Each Adjuster Uses 0.035" Hex Key)
SM1 (1.035"-40)
8-32 (M4)
Tap on
Bottom Surface
4-40 Tapped Holes or Counterbored
Mounting Using ST1CP
ST1XY-S(/M) Micrometer 0.5 mm per Revolution and 10 µm per Graduation Micrometer Screws
ST1XY-D(/M) Differential 0.4 mm per Revolution Coarse and 25 µm per Revolution
Fine Control with 0.5 µm per Graduation Differential Micrometers



XY Slip Plate Positioners


  • ±1 mm of Adjustment in both X and Y Directions
  • Position Front Plate by Hand and Lock in Place by Tighetning Locking Screws with 5/64" (2 mm) Hex Key
  • Secure Back Plate to 4 Cage Rods via Side-Located Setscrews or to a Ø1/2" Post via 8-34 (M4) Tap
  • Center-Located SM1 (1.035"-40) Threaded Hole in Adjustment Plate


The SPT1(/M) and SPT1T(/M) Slip Plate Positioners are designed to provide coarse XY positioning of optical components within our 30 mm Cage Assembly System. This design provides for manual adjustment only and is best utilized in conjunction with an alignment laser to monitor centricity. The front plate can be locked into position against the fixed plate via two locking screws, which can be threaded from either the front or back side of the mount.


The SPT1(/M) accomodates Ø1" optics up to 0.08" (2.03 mm) thick, while the thicker front plate on the SPT1T(/M) can hold Ø1" optics up to 0.34" (8.6 mm) thick. Unmounted optics can be secured with SM1RR Retaining Rings, two of which are included with the SPT1T(/M). The center-located SM1 (1.035"-40) tapped through hole also directly accepts externally SM1-threaded components.

Item #TravelSlip Plate ThicknessMaximum Optic ThicknessOptics MountingPost MountingER Cage Rod Attachment
SPT1(/M) ±1 mm 0.28" (5.8 mm) 0.08" (2.03 mm) SM1 (1.035"-40) Thread 8-32 (M4) Tap
on Bottom Surface
4 Through Holes with
Side-Located Locking Screws



60 mm Cage XYZ Translator for Ø1" Optics


  • Accepts Ø1" (Ø25.4 mm) Optics up to 0.39" (10.0 mm) Thick
  • 60 mm Cage Compatible and Post-Mountable
  • Compatible with 60 mm Cage Systems
  • SM1 (1.035"-40) Threading for Compatibility with Our Extensive Line of SM1 Lens Tubes
  • Two 1/4"-20 (M6) Tapped Holes for Post Mounting


Thorlabs CXYZ1(/M) Translation Mount features X-, Y-, and Z-axis travel and holds Ø1" optics, up to 0.39" (10.0 mm) thick, against the back lip of the mount using the provided SM1RR retaining ring. The XY travel allows for movement of an object in a system perpendicular to the optical axis, while the Z-axis functionality allows for compensation of focus errors in a variety of applications.


The mounting carriage is internally SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded, and is translated along the Z-axis by rotating the zoom adjustment dial on the back of the mount. This will not rotate the mounting carriage during translation. The dial is engraved, indicating the direction that it must be turned for translating the carriage forward and backwards. Tick marks spaced by 0.25 mm on the mounting carriage indicate the Z-axis alignment.


X and Y translation of the carriage is actuated using the two 1/4"-100 fine adjusters, which can be locked using our LN25100 Locking Nuts (sold separately). Horizontal and vertical witness lines on the housing to help maintain the XY alignment.


The mount has four through holes for use with our Ø6 mm ER cage rods, making it compatible with our 60 mm Cage Systems. Each cage rod through hole has two side-located 4-40 locking setscrews which use a 0.05" hex key. The mount can easily be adapted to 30 mm Cage Systems by using the LCP02 Cage System Size Adapter. Two 1/4"-20 (M6) tapped holes are also provided on opposite sides of the XY adjusters, allowing for left or right-handed operation.


XY-Axes Drive 1/4"-100 Adjustersa
XY Travel ±2.5 mm (0.10")
XY Adjustment Resolution 254 µm/rev
Z-Axis Drive 500 µm/rev Adjustment Dial
Z Travel ±1.5 mm (0.06")
(0.25 mm Spaced Tick Marks for Alignment)
Clear Aperture Ø0.90" (Ø22.9 mm)
Maximum Optic Thickness 0.39" (10.0 mm)
Optic Mounting Internal SM1 (1.035"-40) Thread
Post Mountingb Two 1/4"-20 (M6) Tapped Holes
(Allows for Right- and Left-Handed Orientations)
  • Can be Locked Using the LN25100 Locking Nuts
  • Can be Directly Mounted to Our Ø1" Pedestal Pillar Posts Using a 1/4"-20 (M6) Setscrew


Z Translation Mount for 30 mm Cage Systems

* Accepts Ø1" Optics up to 0.18" (4.57 mm) Thick
* 1.5 mm (0.06") Z-Axis Travel
* Compatible with 30 mm Cage System
* SM1 (1.035"-40) Threading for Compatibility with Our Extensive Line of SM1 Lens Tubes
* Provides Translation Parallel with Optical Axis
* Actuators Provide Smooth Adjustment

The flexure design of our SM1Z translator provides 1.5 mm of travel along the optical axis of our Cage Assembly System. The flexure approach ensures a stable, highly repeatable translation. The translating carriage, tapped with our SM1 (1.035"-40) thread, can directly accept Ø1" optics up to 0.18" (4.57 mm) thick. Thicker optics can be mounted to the SM1Z via our SM1 Lens Tubes.

Coarse movement is achieved by sliding the SM1Z along the rods of a cage assembly. Once positioned, four 4-40 setscrews apply locking force to the cage rods, firmly holding the mount in place. Fine movement of the lens carriage is accomplished with the precision micrometer head actuator. The actuator knob is graduated in 1 µm increments for a total of 50 increments per revolution.

For cage assemblies requiring a longer translation range along the optical axis, Thorlabs offers the CT1 stage capable of a full 1/2" (13 mm) of travel.

TravelDriveOptics MountingER Cage Rod Connection
±1.5 mm (0.06") 100 TPI Precision Micrometer SM1 (1.535"-40) Thread Through Holes with Side-Located Locking Screws



Cage Translation Stage: 1/2" Travel

* Comes with CT101: Ø1" Optic Mount (Shown Below)
* Maximum Stage Travel: 1/2" (13 mm)
* Angular Deviation:  * Micrometer Drive: 0.001" per Graduation (Imperial), 10 µm per Graduation (Metric)
* Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
* Lockable Design

The CT1 Cage Translator is designed to be utilized in 30 mm cage systems that require translation along the optical axis of the cage. A modular design approach has been taken to allow a series of accessories to be mounted to the movable carriage of the CT1.

Precision linear ball bearings are used to ensure smooth high resolution motion. A graduated micrometer provides 1/2" (12.7 mm) of linear translation and has 10 µm (0.001") graduations. The smallest incremental movement of the carriage is approximately 1 µm. As shown in the image, the CT1 stage also includes CT101 SM1 threaded mount. For more information on the included mount, see below.



Ø1" (Ø25.4 mm) Optic Mount


  • Compatible with Our CT1 Cage Translator and MS-Series Translators
  • SM1 (1.035"-40) Threaded Bore Directly Accepts Ø1" Optics up to 6.9 mm (0.27") Thick
  • Compatible with Our Line of SM1 Lens Tubes
  • Finger Groove Recess Allows for Ease of Alignment

The CT101 has an internal SM1 threading for mounting Ø1" components or externally threaded SM1 components, which includes the SM1 lens tubes. The mount is compatible with the MS103 Adapter Plate and with the CT1 30 mm cage Z axis translation stage. One SM1RR retaining ring, two 4-40 cap screws for securing the mount, and two removable dowel pins for alignment are included with each unit.


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