Temperature Stabilized


Temperature Controlled Lens Tubes

  • Temperature Controlled Lens Tubes for Temperature Sensitive Optical Components
  • Passive Heat Sink Lens Tube with 0.25 °C/W Thermal Resistance
  • Compatible with Our SM1 Lens Tubes

Temperature Controlled Lens Tube


The SM1L10H Temperature Controlled Lens Tube is a small heating device that is mechanically compatible with our Ø1" lens tubes. It is an ideal choice for applying heat to mounted optics in order to control their performance as a function of temperature. It can also be used to prevent condensation from forming on optics.

Optics can be secured inside of the heating chamber with the included SM1RR retaining rings. The SM1L10H contains an embedded NTC 10 kOhm thermistor that provides temperature feedback and allows automated control of the internal heating element. It is directly compatible with our TC200 Temperature Controller.

The temperature controlled lens tube can be post mounted using an SMR1 Fixed Lens Mount.


Thorlabs' Stackable Lens Tubes provide an easy and fast solution for assembly of an optical system with a single optical axis. Using lens tubes one can easily assemble several optical components on a common optical axis without the need for X-Y alignment of each component to the common axis. Thorlabs offers Ø1/2”, Ø1”, Ø2” and Ø3” lens tubes, for use with different optics sizes, as well as adapters to convert between the four different sizes.

Thorlabs also offers many of our optical components in pre-mounted 1” lens tubes as well as specially developed components and mounts, all of which are pre-aligned to the optical axis, including:

  • Iris Diaphragms that can be controlled from outside the lens tube
  • Adjustable focus tubes
  • Translating mounts
  • Fiber adapters
  • Laser diode mounts
  • Temperature controlled tubes
  • Angled mounts
  • Mounting adapters for microscope objective and c-mount optics.

Thorlabs has also added alignment tools for lens tubes for working with IR optics, such as infrared alignment disks and alignment targets. Additionally, with the use of retaining rings, any standard optical component can be easily mounted into the lens tubes.

For more complex optical systems Thorlabs has developed sets of post mounting rings, and mounting brackets and construction cubes to enable building complex, rugged systems.

Thorlabs lens tubes can also easily interface with our cage system components such as the cage plates, kinematic turning mirror mounts, pre-mounted beamsplitter cubes and pre-mounted turning mirrors.


Passive Heat Sink Lens Tube

The HSLT1 Passive Heat Sink Lens Tube provides the ability to cool down a lens tube setup that may be subject to an unusual amount of heat. By providing a total surface area of 79 square inches, the HSLT1 provides a thermal resistance of 0.25 °C/W. Ø1" optical components can be mounted into the passive heat sink lens tube using an SM1RR retaining ring (not included). This lens tube is directly compatible with our SM1 lens tube series, and can be mounted to SM05, SM2 or SM3 setups by using our lens tube adapters.





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