Kinematic Stops


Kinematic Positioners

  • Ideal for Kinematic Stops & Reference Edges
  • Allows Fine Positioning of Base Plates Prior to Lockdown

These kinematic positioners can be used individually or in functional groups for a variety of quick breadboard positioning and adjustment applications. The simple design and low cost make these mounts perfect alternatives for opto-mechanical positioning requirements when a Precision Translation Stage is overkill.

KL01 Fixed Kinematic Stop
The KL01 Fixed Kinematic Locators can be used alone as a kinematic stop, in pairs to define a reference edge, or as a group of three defining a reference edge and stop for repeatable positioning when swapping a base plate in and out of a optomechanical set-up. One end of the KL01 houses a hardened steel ball for a true one-point contact while the base is machined with a generous relief cut for stable positioning when fastened to an optical table.


KL02 Adjustable Kinematic Locator
The KL02 Adjustable Kinematic Locator provides the same spherical contact as the KL01 Fixed Kinematic Stops, but adds fine adjustment capability with a 1/4"-80 actuator used as a "nudger". This feature allows for precise positioning not achievable by hand. These are ideally used with two KL01's to define a reference edge for a translation path. A wide bottom-located relief cut provides stable mounting to an optical table.


KL03 Spring Loaded Plunger
The KL03 Spring Loaded Plunger can be used to load an object into the KL01 Kinematic Stops in addition to preloading the KL02 Adjustable Locator. A high-strength plastic plunger applies spring pressure. The plunger has a travel range of 0.25" (6mm). A wide bottom-located relief cut provides stable mounting to an optical table.


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