Mini-Series Bases/Table Clamps


Mini Bases/Table Clamps

  • Perfect for Securing Assemblies to Mini-Series Breadboard
  • Solid One-Piece Construction


  • MSCL3: Ideal General-Purpose Clamp (Imperial and Metric Compatible)
  • MSCL2: Height Adjustable with 4-40 (M3) Cap Screw in Rear Tapped Hole, Ideal for Compact Variable Height Applications

Our Mini-Series Table Clamps have been fashioned in the same spirit as our popular CL series clamps. These mini-series clamps are useful when constructing complex optomechanical assemblies using our mini-series breadboards. Their ability to adapt to unusual shapes and mounting hole patterns make them indispensable time savers. Additionally, these clamps will allow the use of non-mini-series-compatible bases and mounts on our mini-series breadboards. All clamps require 4-40 (M3) cap screws and washers, all of which are provided with our convenient Screw Kits.

Adjustable Height Clamps

Particularly unique is our MSCL2(/M) clamp, which uses two cap screws, one for height adjustment and the other for lock-down (see image to right). This allows for easy adaptation to variable heights without compromising clamping force.


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