Mini-Series Post-Mountable Accessories


Post-Mountable Accessories

  • Mount Directly onto Mini-Series Posts
  • Small, Compact, Space-Saving Design

Thorlabs' mini-series post-mountable accessories are designed to be compatible with our mini-series posts. Our slip-on collars attach to mini-series posts and, when used with a mini-series post holder, restrict the height adjustment of the post. These collars are ideally used when swapping post-mounted components such as lenses so that the lens' height will be aligned to the optical axis of your system.

Our lever-actuated, continuously variable iris diaphragm is designed to provide smooth operation over many thousands of cycles. The individual steel leaves pivot within a black-anodized aluminum housing. Our mini-series variable iris is mounted on a Ø6 mm stainless steel post that is compatible with our Mini-Series line.


Mini-Series Post Collar


  • Compatible with Our Mini-Series Posts
  • Double-Bore Profile for Stability

The MSR2 Ø6 mm slip-on post collar is a mini version of our popular R2 Ø1/2" post collar. It features a double-bore profile to provide a stable two-line contact and a non-marring brass setscrew to ensure secure locking. Height adjustment is restricted while providing rotational freedom.


Mini-Series, Post-Mounted Iris Diaphragms


  • Lever-Actuated, Continuously Variable Iris
  • Black Spring Steel Leaves
  • Black-Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Mounted on Ø6 mm, 1.5" (38 mm) Long Post

This product is designed to be compatible with our Mini-Series Posts components and is optimal for applications in which space is limited. The Mini-Series product line offers all of the essential building blocks for miniature and OEM-level optomechanical assemblies.

Item #Aperture# LeavesO.D./Thickness
ID5MS (ID5MS/M) Ø1.0 to Ø5 mm 6 0.44" / 0.19" (11.2 mm / 4.8 mm)


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