Slip-On Collar


Slip-On Ø1/2" Post Collar

  • Restrict Post Height Adjustment
  • Compatible with Ø1/2" Posts
  • Interchange or Rotate Components Without Altering Height


  • Constrain Ø1/2" Post Height
  • Slips On to Side of Post
  • Setscrew Offers Fine Height Adjustment

Our slip-on collars attach to Ø1/2" posts and, when used with a post holder, restrict the height adjustment of the post. These collars are ideally used when swapping post-mounted components such as lenses so that the lens' height will be aligned to the optical axis of your system. Additionally, when used with our anti-rotation adapter, the rotational alignment of a post can be restrained for maximum repeatability.


Slip-On Post Collar


  • 0.44" (11.2 mm) Thick
  • Includes Vertically Aligned 4-40 (M3 x 0.5) Setscrew

The R2(/M) Slip-On Collar locks onto our Ø1/2" posts with a thumbscrew. By positioning the collar on a post so that it rests on the top of the post holder, the post can be rotated without altering the height of the mounted component. In addition, the R2 comes with a 4-40 (M3 x 0.5) setscrew that is aligned vertically in the same direction as a post to which the R2 is attached. When the R2 is mounted on top of a post holder, this vertical setscrew can be turned to provide approximately 0.25" (6.4 mm) of fine adjustment (see photo to the right) without the need for a translating post or post holder.


Thin Slip-On Post Collar


  • 0.23" (5.7 mm) Thick
  • Thin Design Enables Easy Incorporation in Tightly Spaced Setups
  • Sold in Packs of Five

The R2T is a thinner version of the R2 Post Collar featured above and can be secured to a Ø1/2" post by turning the included 8-32 brass-tipped locking screw. By placing the collar on a post so that it rests on the top of the post holder, the post can be rotated or removed and replaced without altering the height of the mounted component. At a thickness of only 0.23", the R2T collar occupies minimal space on the post and allows any mounted component to be positioned vertically close to the post holder.


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