Ø1" Ceramic Pedestal Posts


Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Ceramic Pedestal Post

  • Enhanced Thermal and Electrical Isolation of Components
  • Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Post with Pedestal Base,1/2" (12.5 mm) Tall
  • Precision-Machined Glass-Mica Ceramic


  • Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Pedestal Posts Made from Glass-Mica Ceramic
  • Ultra-Low Thermal Conductivity: 0.87 W/m•K
  • Ultra-High Electrical Resistivity: 1.00 x 1010 Ω•cm
  • Bottom-Located 1/4" (M6) Counterbore for Attaching Our Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Pillar Posts

Thorlabs' Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Ceramic Pedestal Posts are designed to provide high levels of thermal and electrical isolation. These are ideal for mounting components that may be sensitive to heat or sources of electrical noise. The glass-mica ceramic material used to manufacture these posts has a similar coefficient of thermal expansion to that of the stainless steel used in our standard Ø1" (Ø25 mm) posts but lower thermal conductivity. In addition, the high electrical resistance makes our ceramic posts ideal for mounting sensitive electronic measuring devices, such as position sensing detectors. The table above details the differences between the thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity values for the ceramic used to fabricate these posts compared to our standard posts.

These insulating ceramic posts are 1/2" (12.5 mm) tall and have a pedestal design with the same profile as our Ø1" (Ø25 mm) stainless steel pedestal posts. They are designed to be used as a base to our Ø1" (Ø25 mm) pillar post extensions. A 1/4" (M6) counterbore on the bottom of the ceramic post allows a 1/4"-20 (M6) cap screw to pass through the ceramic post and thread into the pillar post; both a cap screw and a washer are included with the RS05PC.





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