Motorized Pinhole Wheel


Motorized Pinhole Wheel

  • 16 Pinholes: Ø25 µm to Ø2 mm
  • Eliminates the Need for Realignment
  • Automated, Repeatable Positioning of Pinholes



  • 16 Pinholes: Ø25 µm to Ø2 mm
  • Enables Quick and Repeatable Pinhole Positioning
  • Eliminates Need for Realignment
  • SMA Fiber Connector for Coupling to PMT/APD Detector
  • High-Precision Encoded Motor
  • Compatible with Our Cage Systems

Thorlabs' MPH16 Motorized Pinhole Wheel enables automated and repeatable positioning of pinholes for applications such as confocal laser scanning microscopy or scanning opthalmoscopy. The Motorized Pinhole Wheel has a chrome-plated glass disk with 16 pinholes ranging from Ø25 µm to Ø2 mm. The disk is manufactured using standard photolithography techniques and is AR coated with our standard -A coating (350 - 700 nm) to further increase the throughput of the system. An optically encoded motor provides repeatable selection between pinholes with a resolution of 10 µm, without the need for realignment. Radial positioning of the pinhole is accomplished by adjusting the focusing lens with a setscrew. The pinhole may be connected to a PC through a USB port and can be controlled using the provided DLL.

The input features a dovetail, which is designed to mate with our confocal laser scanning microscopy imaging systems. A dovetail adapter is provided, which allows a 30 mm Cage System to be connected to the input, as shown in the photo above. At the input, there is a 75 mm focal length achromatic doublet. The detection end has an SMA fiber connector for efficient collection of the spatially filtered light. The face of the fiber is located 1 mm from the back side of the glass disk. Light emerging from the pinhole travels through the glass, which has a thickness of 0.5 mm and an index of refraction of 1.5255 (Abbe Number Ve = 55). While our standard pinhole wheel features an SMA fiber connector, other connectors are available upon request; please contact Imaging Sales for details. The SMA fiber adapter may be removed (see photo to the left) using an SPW801 spanner wrench to expose internal SM05 (0.535"-40) threading, which is compatible with our Ø1/2" Lens Tubes. Additionally, the output aperture is surrounded by four, 4-40 tapped holes for compatibility with our 16 mm Cage System, as shown in the photo to the right.




Pinhole Sizes

● Ø25 µm
● Ø30 µm
● Ø35 µm
● Ø40 µm
● Ø45 µm
● Ø50 µm
● Ø60 µm
● Ø70 µm
● Ø80 µm
● Ø90 µm
● Ø100 µm
● Ø125 µm
● Ø200 µm
● Ø300 µm
● Ø1 mm
● Ø2 mm


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