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SM2 Threaded Irises


SM2-Threaded Irises

  • Lever or Ring Activated
  • Ø25mm (Ø0.98") Maximum Aperture
  • SM2 Threading for Lens Tube Compatibility

This page contains SM2 threaded irises. To see the entire family of irises that each part on this page belongs to click on the hyperlined item number in the table to the right.

Our SM2 (2.035"-40) Threaded Irises are threaded internally and externally for compatibility with our SM2 Series Lens Tube and components. This allows for the easy integration of the iris into an optomechanical construction.

Ring actuated Irises are designed for integration into a 60 mm cage assembly, where the movement of a lever actuated iris would be hampered by the cage rods.


Item #Minimum ApertureMaximum ApertureMechanism
SM2D25 Ø0.8 mm (Ø0.03") Ø25 mm (Ø0.98") Lever
SM2D25D Ø1 mm (Ø0.04") Ø25 mm (Ø0.98") Ring



Lever-Activated Threaded Iris

* Lever Actuates Iris Aperture

This threaded lever-actuated iris diaphragm is compatible with our Ø2" (Ø50 mm) SM2 lens tubes. The housing features internal SM2 threading on one side and external SM threading on the other side. The individual black, spring steel leaves pivot within the outer ring of the iris and are designed to last several thousand cycles.


Ring-Activated Threaded Iris Diaphragms

* Outer Ring Actuates Iris Aperture

This threaded ring-activated iris diaphragm is specifically designed for use in space-constrained areas where the use of a lever is not possible or practical. For instance, in a cage system, the motion of a lever may be blocked by the cage rods. In this case, ring-actuated irises are an excellent solution. The ring actuator turns smoothly and can be locked into position with a setscrew.